The Power of Darkness

So this week’s match up in the Ordobowl persistant league saw the Hearts of Oak take on coach Burk’s Clar Karond Corsairs.

The result was a disappointing 2-1 loss for the wood elves, with whom I continue to struggle to figure out on the pitch. Everything is fine in theory until good ol’ armor 7 comes along and strips of 2/3 players in the first half.

Burk was kind enough in his own write up to suggest that I had some poor dice. That’s true but I don’t think it caused me to lose. I am still putting too many elves in places where they can get hurt (in the case of wood elves that’s a lot of places) but 2 crowd surfs and too many 2 die blocks will cost you.

I suffered an offensive turn over failing to score on my drive, and then Burk scored again in the second half. Fortunately I was able to return the ball at my second attempt restoring some pride.

In the process my kick line man picked up a niggle by tripping over his own bootlaces, and another lineelf will also MNG. On the up side, i rolled an 11 on my unskilled wardancer for his first improvement so he’s now AG 5. For a leaper that’s pretty awesome, so if I can maintain patience and start to improve my play I have the making of a solid team long term. However, it’s hard to feel like that when you go from 1-0-0 to 1-2-0 in 2 matches.

Onwards and upwards for next week we hope.

In the meantime I received my classic metal Orcland Raiders from ebay and so am enjoying getting my hands on some oldschool GW beauties. They haven’t ever been painted or even filed clean so I’m looking forward to getting some paint on a great set of sculpts from 90’s era GW comedy.

I think i’ll paint ’em red!

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