Ordo Bowl Week 5 – The Frog Princess

So, week 5 rolled around and with it the gift of a bashed up Slann team (for bashed up read: 5 journeymen and no Kroxigor) piloted by the esteemed Mr Bigglesworth. As usual I was full of hopes and dreams of a glorious elvish leaping to victory (fool that I am). After all, what can possibly go wrong with an Ag  5 Wardancer? (Quiet at the back Dave!)

Aaand, things started pretty well. I elected to kick, Bigglesworth fired up his chainsaw and chinned himself, I picked up the ball and scored in T3. Huzzah, defensive TD and the secret weapon is off the pitch in the first 3 turns.

But, then things began slowly to go wrong. Josh has an unerring ability to roll decent dice, admittedly against wood elves, 8 is a decent number so it’s not that hard but the armor breaks kept coming, and with them the KOs and the injuries. The slightly depleted elves were unable to prevent a return score in Turn 7 leaving us 1-1 at the half with everything to play for.  I think at this point I was about 2/3 players behind the 8-ball. Normally a Wood Elf coach would laugh at such odds and pass his way to victory, but I don’t have a a thrower yet…

So, on offense I wasn’t really able to play the stall ball I needed to to ensure the win. I want to say I scored in about turn 12 leaving Josh ample time to grind his way down a bit and score. Now, that might have been what he planned but what actually happened was a comedy of ball handling errors, failed leaps and dodges and an unseemly and very un-elvish (1 rr 1 to throw) effort to pass the ball up field late in the half for a 3-1 win. Instead the frogs were able to score in turn 15 and with my Catcher already MNG I was left with no 1 turn touchdown option. Boo.

You know that thing when a draw feels like you lost? Yeah, that one. Ho-hum. Apart from you know, actual table standings, the team is progressing great. I skilled another line-elf (dodge) and my WD is close to skill number 2. I won another 50k, and bought a thrower and no one has sustained any long term harm (although I’ll be minus my catch for week 6). I just feel like I can’t close a game out because by the end I’m always a goal ahead, but 5 players down and needing some magic to prevent that equalizing score. Silly AV7…

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