Wood Elf team painting complete

This weekend I finished up the paint job on my Hearts of Oak wood elf team. The minis are the Cabiri from Maki Games which I picked up last autumn on Indiegogo.

I’ve not painted anything for a few months, so I’m rusty but I’m happy with the cohesion of the team.

I airbrushed in the skin tones before using a regular brush to to the leather and details and it was pretty quick. I’m also trying to protect  them a little more since stuff always gets bashed on the Blood Bowl pitch (especially Wood Elves…). I therefore gave them all a coat of GW ‘Ard Coat with an old brush before my usual Army Painter matt spray.


Painting Recipe:


  • Vallejo model air – German Red Brown primer (Airbrush)


  • Base: VGA – Bronze Flesh
  • Mid tone: VGA – Elf Flesh
  • highlights: VGA – Pale Flesh
  • Wash: GW Reikland Fleshshade


  • Base: Citadel Mournfang Brown
  • Highlight: Jokaero Orange
  • Wash: Agrax Earthshade


  • Base: GW Averland sunset (2-3 thin coats)
  • Drybrush: GW Yriel Yellow
  • Drybrush: GW White Scar
  • Glaze: GW Lamenters Yellow

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