Time to meet da ladz….

So, construction is all but done on my kit-bashed Orc team. So, before I take the spray can to them I thought I’d give them the once over from a components point of view.


The blitzers (top) are made entirely from WH40K Nobz. The main alterations here have been to remove a few weapons and then cut either one or both legs at the point they join the body to create some much more dynamic poses.

Da Ladz and Throttla
The regular line orcs, and the thrower were made using the WH40k orc boys sprues, so they are noticeably smaller than the blitzers. They are also a little less dynamic. Since we know Orc throwers rarely actually throw the ball, I chose to give mine the more traditional ball carrying pose using one of the Shooter arms with its hand cupped, and my plastic
Spiky Blood Bowl ball.

The line orcs have been given a couple of random armour plates and a wrist modification here and there to make them look less like they just had their weapons snatched. The hand guards from the Choppaz make great knuckle dusters!

Black Orcs
Finally, the black orcs are made using the WHFB plastic box. Again, these have had some arm re-modelling and weapon removal but they look great already. This is such an easy conversion job but its easy to make it look super effective.

All I need to do now is find someone to tell me the Attack on Black Skull Pass plastic troll and I’m in business (and Throttla the squigoblin) will have someone to throw him around!



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