Going outside

So I’ve subtly expanded the scope of this blog to include “going outdoors”. It’s an activity I’m rather fond of and I’m determined that 2016 will be the year of “going outdoors more”. I’ve been funneling a decent amount of dollars in the general direction of REI over the winter, and so as spring wanders towards Oregon I’ve decided it is Time.

I’m determined to do at least one over nighter and two decent day hikes (10-15m) this spring.

I shall be testing some gear, posting some trip reports and exploring the type 2 fun that is backpacking / hiking with Type 1 Diabetes.

Today’s family outing to the Gorge with a friend visiting from England has reminded what a privilege it is to leave here in the PNW. Even a short hike to Latourell Falls is invigorating and inspiring. Especially when our 3.5 yr old managed the whole 2.5 miles without a carry.

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