About me


Hi and welcome to my blog. I’m Chris Fitzsimmons, and I live in Beaverton, Oregon in Her Majesty’s former Colony of the Americas.

I moved here from the UK in the autumn of 2014 with my wife Nin and our young son Arran (2 1/2). I’m a product manager for Biamp Systems, a manufacturer of media networking hardware and software products.

This allows me to fund my dangerous addicitions to plastic, metal and resin miniatures as well as living in a nice house instead of the hovel we used to have in England.

I play miniatures games of all stripes including Blood Bowl, X-Wing, Warhammer Fantasy, Bolt Action. Probably more than that I enjoy the hobby aspects of collecting, modelling and painting.

This blog is all about my hobby and gaming passtimes. I hope you enjoy it.

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