Back down with a Bump (in the night)

So week two, hope was high, attention to detail was not.

A disappointing 2-0 loss to Michaels Murder Junkies resulted not from shitty dice or his razor sharp unbeatable coaching skills (although he does have those) but because I played like a muppet.

Q: what player am I most concerned by going into this game?

A: The Necromantic Werewolf. His fastest piece by some margin.

Q: What talents are you most concerned by?

A: Speed, and frenzy.

Q: What should you not do when faced by a mobile frenzy piece?

A: Put stuff near the side lines.

Q: What did you repeatedly do in the first half and thereby offer up 3 crowd surf opportunities

A: Put stuff on the sidelines.

Q: Why are you such an eejit?

A: ……

So that wasn’t the whole story but essentially I put myself in a position of being 1-0 down at the half playing a 10 vs 9 game in Michaels’s favour at the the restart.

That meant a) I had to push the game and b) I was down a Wardancer (the one with strip ball).

The fact that the half started with a Blitz and a kick off that scattered just on the LoS didn’t help but it wasn’t why I lost. I was forced by Michaels into a position where I HAD to roll dice. dodging lots, going for it, making passes. Last week I was blessed with a distinct lack of 1s and this week I was swimming in them.

Michaels executed his first half drive very well, scoring in his T8, and I was scrambling to equalize in turn 12 when the inevitable happened and I muffed a throw on a dicey play. Reroll already spent on a failed leap meant that he got the ball back and I was left with trying to stop his cage with a 7 elves (which rapidly became 5). At that point I decided to Ole and let him in to avoid anyone getting minced.

Result – no long term harm done except a MNG lineman, and a chastening reminder of what happens when you play like a numpty against someone who clearly isn’t one!


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