Pitch update – almost finished

So, so close to finishing this badboy now. Dugouts are complete and clued into the case and I have airbrushed a logo stencil onto the pitch and added a bit of GW static snow around the edges to stop it looking so “pristine”. I plan to paint blood stains on the board wherever someone gets seriously injured or killed – I like the idea of it evolving! (That probably won’t take too long as it’s first outing is likely to be my league match against Dave’s Ogre team next week!)

Right now I’m working on some turn counters made from the Hirst Arts barrels, and trying to figure out the score board. That will probably be removable and fit between the two dugouts to hide the ugly hinges. Pitch Pr0n below! The other outstanding issue is the magnets holding the pitch onto the frame. They keep coming unglued from the lid. I’m hoping to resolve this by ordering bigger (1/2″ square) magnets which will have a bigger contact area for the Gorilla Glue to bond with.

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