Stadium update – construction almost completed!

So, as I enter the final stretch for completion of the Albion Exiles home I figured it was time for a new update.

The pitch itself is now complete baring some window dressing in the form of snow, and possibly a team graphic over the line of scrimage. I will need to make an airbrush stencil for that. Possibly of something based on this glyph:


On order are a couple of KR Multicase GW sized 32mm deep trays. These will be clued beneath the pitch surface, with their foam toppers attached to the underside of the pitch. The pitch itself is now magnetized to the frame so I can lift it to reveal 100 slots for miniature storage. Awesome, great idea for Torg for that.

2015-04-27 20.36.10

As readers may recall, I melted the foam with my texture spray paint so went to plan B – A pitch made from 1/4″ MDF on a frame. That leaves a convenient 11/2″ space underneath for storage, hence the KR foam.

This is the pitch now the markings are painted on and it’s magnetized:

2015-05-01 06.58.22

The two bits of Oak directly infront of the pitch need to be stained to match the case and then that’s all the tidying up done.

The final piece of work is the dugouts, which I have now decided will be permanently glued in those empty areas. I had delayed figuring out how to make them whilst I chewed on the turn / reroll marker conundrum, but the solution has presented itself in the form of some Hirst Arts dungeon floor tiles. I’ve made wooden boxes for the dugouts and then glued tiles into the bottom and on a step made of balsa wood, here’s a shot of an incomplete one:

2015-05-04 21.06.38

The lower tier will be divided into the reserves, KO and Dead / Injured boxes, and the step up, that’s not tiled yet will contain two more rows of tiles which will be numbered for Turn / Reroll counting purposes. When I ordered the tiles from CastleKits I also ordered a set of dungeon accessories. It includes a bunch of barrels and crates. The barrells I will mount on 20mm bases as RR counters and the other bits I’ll place in the dugouts to add some details.

My turn counter is going to be also my head coach minitures, and I’ve ordered a sweet looking mini from Mierce Miniatures for that. I love the wandering seer with raven look:


SO, plans are coming together and I’m really happy with where this is going. Here’s what the whole thing looks like with both dugouts in place. I’ll hopefully have them painted and accessorized this weekend:

2015-05-04 22.56.06

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