Blood Soaked (Week 6 Match report)

In a week where the casualty rate could conceivably been much higher, the Gods certainly smiled on the Exiles in our grudge match against the visiting McClechland Mjolnir.

I was confident going into the game that I would win. Not really cockiness, more an awareness of what happens when two AV 7 teams meet and one team has a big guy plus 3 mighty blow pieces. However it took well into the second half for that to happen (2 deaths and a SI in the space of two turns).

Running up to that, I think we were well matched – we both entered whole-heartedly into a sideline shoving match in the first half which put around 7 players off the pitch and I actually think my opponent came out of that situation better tactically. I certainly set myself up for a catastro-turn which fortunately didn’t materialize due to some average block dice and uncharacteristically soft-booted fans. Both my Berzerkers went into the crowd and both returned unscathed. That’s home team advantage for you! I was certainly counting my lucky stars to enter the half a score ahead. Here’s my full report from

The post match was somewhat frustrating. Having accumulated a dozen star player points from 2 TDs and 3 Cas, no one skilled up. On the plus side my other Ulfwerener picked up the MVP roll, so he just needs to hurt someone to get his first skill. Winnings were another 60K and I duly emptied my bank balance to bring the roster up to 12 players. That means it’s soon going to be Dirty Player Lineman O’Clock and I can finally start fouling. No journeymen next week is disturbing, but I’m in a great position going into the final 2 game weeks. Sadly whatever happens it doesn’t look like I will be able to participate in the post-season tourney as my weekend schedule sucks. Unless I can convince savion to work it out over the course of a few week evenings…..

Remember folks, behind every big moot sandwich there’s a tasty elf!

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