Bloody Marvelous (league week 4 report)

This week’s match was against one of Blood Bowl’s more characterful teams – the Undead. I really like their mix of speed and brutality. The mummies are strong, but not rediculous, and the Ghouls are a pain, but not unstoppable. If you let them play their way, you can lose fast, especially with a lot of AV 7 around. But at the same time, some lucky armour roles, a decent plan and judicious use of the sidelines and sacrifical linemen can give you satisfactory results. The following is the report for Week 4.

An almost full squad for the Norsemen, with a full compliment of frenzied positionals and a solitary journeyman always makes Coach Fitz smile.

For the first time since match week 1, the Exiles went into the field with hope of a less than one-sided punch up. Also for the first time since then, there wasn’t a dwarf insight, with the exception of a couple of the Mon-star’s zombies. Thank the Gods!

The Mon-stars won the toss and chose to receive hoping to put some early pain on the scantily clad Norsemen. However things went poorly for the deadites, and they quickly found themselves on the back foot after one of the worse second turns in the history of the sport.

Somehow Bergelmir the Snow Troll got the bouncing ball stuck on one of his claws and began shambling his way towards the Undead endzone. Despite the anti-heroic efforts of a Wight, who managed to knock the beast down, the by this time the Norse had flooded the backfield and were able to regain the ball to score in the final play of the half.

Mon-Stars 0 -1 Exiles.

2015-04-23 19.37.43
The Norse push up the right sideline

The Exiles began the second half with the ball, but also with 2 linemen in the injury box. To top it off, before the match could restart an unexpected blizzard descended over the pitch. Attempting to redress the balance early, Coach Fitz had his team execute an elaborate offensive play trying to push some zombies into the crowd. They succeeded in both of the first two turns, while the runner retreated into his own backfield to buy time and draw the deadites in. He somewhat too well at the second part and nearly found himself caught on the sidelines. Only a coulple of well timed blocks from a Berzerker and a Ulfwerener kept him on his feet. Again the play broke down near the Deadites endzone, but once again the Norse were able to force a hole through some make shirft undead defense and bring the score in on the fifth turn.

Mon-Stars 0 -2 Exiles

Three turns to keep the undead out, but this time the Exiles were 3 players off the pace including their star Berzerker. It was always going to be a tall order, but at least the weather improved and the sun was again. A quick snap by the undead (not sure that should be legal) meant they were able to maximise early blocking potential and by the end of turn 6 only 3 Exiles were still on their feet. It was a relatively simple matter for the Undead, whose ghouls were looking suspiciously like elves just a little past their use-by-date, to complete a passing play up the middle and make the final score:

Mon-Stars 1-2 Exiles

A return to winning ways for the Albion Exiles was warmly toasted by the players and staff.

We’re at the halfway point in the Season now, with the Exiles lurking in mid-table. Post-game I picked up 80k – Nuffle has been generous with the winnings this season – putting me a single match away from buying a third reroll. Also I managed to skill both Berzerkers – so I now have Guard / MB on one and MB on the other.

I could REALLY use my Ulfwereners upping their games though. Causing casualties has been a bit of an issue, but the potential for a third re-roll means I think I’m going to skip Block on them and go straight for MB to speed the process up a little.

A friendly strength of field in the remaining 5 games could definitely see them reach the top four. Here’s hoping!

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