Dark elf progress

A few step by steps of Justin’s Witch Elf that’s part of his Tanatos team that I am painting.

I’m trying out zenithal pre-highlights on this team which means underocating with Vallejo black surface primer with my airbrush and then hitting it from the top with the white surface primer to catch all the upper surfaces. I didn’t phtograph that step on this mini so I’ve used another to illustrate it.

What the shots show is the transitions I used for the red leather elements of the model, and the green armour. The leather I started with a Rhinox Hide from the GW base paints range. It’s a lovely dark red / brown. I then worked up to Tuskgor Fur, a pink / brown layer paint. I think there are about 4 transitions. Finally I gave it a wash with Agrax Earthsade and a final glaze with Bloodletter. This results in a really nice dark red / brown leather colour.

The green armour was done faster – I started with 50:50 Caliban Green and Chaos black, then went to pure Caliban and finally edge highlighted with Moot Green. All the paints are thinned down about 50:50 with my 20:1 mix of water to Flo Aid, which I keep in a little 5ml dropper bottle.

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