The hobby backlog!

So I’m going to treat this as my confessional for unfinished / unstarted / planned painting and modelling projects! I’ve got a few things on the go at the moment. Some that I need to finish, some that I want to finish, and some that I have no interest in finishing right now…

Justin’s Dark Elf (Tanatos) Blood Bowl team from Maki Games.

2015-04-01 22.43.40

So this one is technically my first ever commission job. Not that we agreed a fee or even if there should be one, but I saw the Indiegogo Campaign last March and said “Buy these, they are fucking cool, I’ll paint them for you!” I think this was the first of Maki’s crowdfunders and they got completely screwed by the supplier of their 3D printer so the models actually arrived in the early part of this year.

My Pro Elf (Honos) Blood Bowl team from Maki Games

2015-04-01 22.38.47

Whilst pursuading Justin he should buy Dark Elves, I was swooning over the Pro Elves from the same vendor. I had originally planned to put them all on the custom resin bases you see there but the feet / arms are stupidly skinny and my efforts to put pins in had fatal effects on the guy you can see at the back. I wrecked his foot and had to get creative with a Squig to hide my mistake. These are being done in parallel with Justin’s.

I also have my own Tanatos team, and a Greebo Hand of Death skaven team to paint, but the Skaven are sooo fiddly to assemble I may not ever do them. The tails are rediculously small to attach and don’t even have good sockets. They will all need green-stuffing.

Various X-Wing repaints

2015-04-01 22.49.07

Not technically a backlog item but I like doing them, and the Starviper desparately needs it! I plan on working on a set of Scum repaints matching the yellow / brown of this viper once it’s done. I’ll be picking up one more Y-Wing and so it will need painting anyway so that all 3 that I have are similar looking.

My poor neglected Wood Elves for WHFB

2015-04-04 22.36.04

This is only half of them. I have about 2500 points of new book Wood Elves, assembled, played with four or five times, and since untouched. I even pinned and greenstuffed the Warhawk Riders that I’ve had sat in my geek stash since 2007.

Bolt Action – 101st Airborne

So neglected I didn’t even unpack them yet after moving. I have about 3 squads of infantry base coated along with a Sherman, an M9 Greyhound, 2 deuce and a half trucks and 4 Jeeps. In addition I’ve got about 3 different field guns, some mortar teams and a bunch of HMG squads all in blisters.

Mystery Blood Bowl Project X

2015-04-04 16.34.21

I bought these things today. I will be making them into something awesome very soon!

6 thoughts on “The hobby backlog!

  1. i’m saddened by how short your backlog seems … compared to my own lol. Liking the look of “Project X”… I’ll hold my guesses – but thinking I will see it in the next few months before the end of the league.



      1. Lol – well most of mine are just coming out of storage after we moved into a yurt a couple years ago. Now that we don’t live in the yurt – and I keep unpacking stuff that begs for my attention lol.


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